LIAN Kwen Fee

PhD (Victoria University of Wellington)


Lian Kwen Fee is Professor of Sociology. He has previously held positions in Victoria University of Wellington and at the National University of Singapore where he was Head of Sociology. His research background is in political and historical sociology. He is currently working on two book projects, “International Migration in the Middle East and Asia: Politics of Exclusion” and “Landscapes of Brunei”.

Research Interests

     • Race and State
     • Ethnic Identity and Citizenship
     • Multiculturalism
     • Migration

Select Publications

 “Tamil Migrants in Colonial Malaya 1930s – 1950s”, South Asian Diaspora (2017)

(co-authored) “Race, Reintegration and Social Capital in Singapore”, International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice (2016)

(contributing editor) (2016) International Migration in Southeast Asia: Continuities and Discontinuities, Singapore: IAS and Springer.

(contributing editor) (2016) Multiculturalism, Migration, and the Politics of Identity in Singapore, Singapore: IAS and Springer.

(co-author) (1995) The Politics of Nation Building and Citizenship in Singapore, London: Routledge.


IAS Working Paper on the Iban of Melilas, Ulu Belait

Working Paper No 56: The Iban of Melilas, Ulu Belait: From Migrants to Citizens by Mahirah Nazatul Hazimah and Lian Kwen Fee. Please see below for details. Abstract: There are an estimated 14,000 to 20,000 Iban living in Brunei, most of them in the Ulu Belait and Temburong districts. They migrated to Brunei from Sarawak […]

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IAS Working Paper on Race and Ethnic Identity in Malaysia and Singapore

The Institute of Asian Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam is pleased to announce the publication of IAS Working Paper No 53: Retracing the Political Construction of Race and Ethnic Identity in Malaysia and Singapore: Career of a Concept by Lian Kwen Fee. Please see below for details. Abstract: In this paper, I trace the development […]

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