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King Co-Edits Volume on Indigenous Amazonia

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Victor T. King, Professor of Borneo Studies at the Institute of Asian Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (IAS @ UBD) is well known for engaging in a wide range of research topics, from the anthropology of Borneo to tourism and heritage in Southeast Asia. However, he has now extended his intellectual interests far beyond Southeast Asia. . . all the way to the Amazon!

In particular, Professor King has co-edited a volume on Indigenous Amazonia, Regional Development and Territorial Dynamics (Springer 2020) together with Walter Leal Filho (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences) and Ismar Borges de Lima (State University of Roraima).

This new volume “brings together a valuable collection of case studies and conceptual approaches that outline the present state of Amazonia in the 21st century. The many problems are described and the benefits, as well as the achievements of regional development, are also discussed. The book focuses on three themes for discussion and recommendations: indigenous peoples, their home (the forest), and the way(s) to protect and sustain their natural home (biodiversity conservation). Using these three themes this volume offers a comprehensive critical review of the facts that have been the reality of Amazonia and fills a gap in the literature.”

Professor King has a long-standing comparative interest in processes of socio-cultural and economic change among indigenous populations of tropical rain forests and finds that Amazonia provides many parallels with what is happening in the rain forests of Borneo and Sumatra.

Professor King is currently co-editing another book on Amazonia with Walter Filho Leal and Ismar Borges de Lima.

For more on Indigenous Amazonia, Regional Development and Territorial Dynamics, please see the flyer below or visit the Springer website.