You are currently viewing IAS Publishes 60th Working Paper – Chinese Studies in Southeast Asia

IAS Publishes 60th Working Paper – Chinese Studies in Southeast Asia

The Institute of Asian Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam is pleased to announce the publication of IAS Working Paper No 60: From Periphery to Center to Periphery: Chinese Studies in Southeast Asia, 1960-2000 by Tong Chee Kiong and Lee Cheuk Yin. Please see below for details.

Abstract: This paper examines the contribution of overseas scholars to Chinese studies. Given that eighty percent of the Chinese diaspora are located in Southeast Asia, it pays particular attention to social science scholarship in the region. The work of scholars in religion and ethnicity are highlighted. The authors argue that the rise of China in the last thirty years has led to a shift of research originating from the mainland. However, they suggest that China will not become the centre of scholarship on the Chinese; instead there will be multiple centres developing in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.

Tong Chee-Kiong is Special Academic Advisor and Chair Professor at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Before joining UBD, he held various positions at the National University of Singapore, including Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Director of the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, and Professor of Sociology. He obtained his Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honors) degree from the University of Singapore and Masters and Ph.D. from Cornell University, USA. His research interest focuses on the Chinese in Southeast Asia. His publications include Chinese Death Rituals (Routledge, 2004), Rationalizing Religion: Religious Conversion, Revivalism, and Competition in Singapore (Brill, 2007), Identity and Ethnic Relations in Southeast Asia (Springer, 2010) and Chinese Business (Springer, 2014). Chee Kiong has also published papers in the British Journal of Sociology, International Migration Review, Asian Ethnicities, Diaspora, Child Abuse and Neglect, International Sociology, and Journal of Asian Business.

Lee Cheuk-Yin is Professor of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore. His research focuses are history of late imperial China, Chinese intellectual history and East Asian civilizations, Chinese religions and business ethics, and China’s Belt & Road Initiatives. In recent years he also started a new research on Chinese medical tradition on health and well-being. He has authored 8 books, edited 25 monographs, and published more than 60 journal articles and 80 book chapters on Chinese studies. His authored books include The Centre and the Periphery: Transmission and Interaction of East Asian Civilizations (2015), A Critical Biography of Qiu Jun (2004, 2011), Confucian Tradition and Intellectual Changes (2003), Doing Business with China (1997), Taoism: Outlines of a Chinese Religious Tradition (1994). He is the chief editor of four influential book series: Emotions and the State of Mind in East Asia (Leiden: Brill), Overseas China Studies (China: Guangxi Normal University Press), Monograph Series on Sinology (Singapore: NUS), Monography Series on Southeast Asian Chinese (Singapore: NUS).

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