Angela Tritto

Assistant Professor
PhD (City University of Hong Kong)

Room: FASS 2.13


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Dr. Angela Tritto is Assistant Professor of Human-Nature Interactions and Biodiversity in Borneo at IAS.

She is a political scientist interested in finding sustainability solutions to developmental challenges and most of her research has been concerned with either tourism and conservation or with China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its sustainability impacts. This includes the effects of Chinese foreign direct investments on host countries, as well as examining Chinese aid and medical assistance under the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Tritto has extensive field research experience in both China and Southeast Asia, and is a firm believer in collaborative and open research. Her research interests include management of innovation, environmental policies and technologies, heritage management, and sustainable development. In the future, she hopes to help find ways to protect and integrate traditional ecological knowledge in conservation management.

She formerly worked at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and served as Fellow for the Global Future Council of Sustainable Tourism at the World Economic Forum (2020-2022). She holds a PhD in Public Policy from City University of Hong Kong.

Research Interests

     • Environmental Management Practices
     • Energy Policies and Energy Investments
     • China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia
     • Heritage and World Heritage Management
     • Conservation and Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Tritto, A. and Camba, A. (2022). State-facilitated Industrial Parks in the Belt and Road Initiative: Towards a framework for understanding the localization of the Chinese development model. World Development Perspectives, 28, p.100465.

Tritto, A. and Camba, A. (2022). The Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia: A Mixed Methods Examination. Journal of Contemporary China, pp.1-19.

He, Y., Tritto, A. (2022). Urban Utopia or Pipe Dream? Examining Chinese-invested Smart City Development in Southeast Asia. Third World Quarterly, 43 (9), 2244-2268.

Tritto, A. and Yew, W. (2021). Embeddedness and Hybrid Organisations in Malaysia’s Urban Heritage Governance, International Journal of Public Administration. []

Tritto, A. (2021). China’s Maritime Silk Road: from perceptions to realities in Indonesia’s coal power sector, Energy Strategy Reviews, 34, March, 100624. []

Tritto, A., He, Y., and Junaedi, V. (2020). Governing the Gold Rush into Emerging Markets: A Case Study of Indonesia’s Regulatory Responses to the Expansion of Chinese-backed Online P2P Lending, Journal of Financial Innovation, 6(51). []

Camba, A., Tritto, A., Silaban, M. (2020). From the Postwar Era to Intensified Chinese Intervention: Variegated Extractive Regimes in the Philippines and Indonesia. The Extractive Industries and Society, 7 (3), pp. 1054 – 1065. []

Tritto, A. (2020). Environmental management practices in hotels at World Heritage Sites, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 28(11), 1911-1931. []

Hughes, A., Lechner, A., Chitov, A., Horstmann, A., Hinsley, A., Tritto, A., Chariton, A., Li, B., Wang, C., Ganapin, D., Simonov, E., Morton, K., Toktomushev, K., Foggin, M., Tan-Mullins, M., Orr, M., Griffiths, R., Nash, R., Brooks, T., Perkin, S., Glémet, R., Kim, M., Yu, D. (2020). Horizon Scan of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Trends in Ecology and Evolution. []

Talamini, G. and Tritto, A. (2020). Conserving a valley system. The effectiveness of the Shaxi Rehabilitation Project and its potential to be a model for the conservation of Chinese agricultural heritage, Historic Environment Policy and Practice. []

Book Chapters

Tritto, A., Silaban, M. and Camba, A.(2022).Indonesia’s ‘Beauty Contest’: China, Japan, the US, and Jakarta’s Spatial Objectives. In: DiCarlo, J. and Schindler, S. (eds.). The Rise of the Infrastructure State, pp. 227-240. Bristol University Press.

Tritto, A., and DeAscaniis (2022).Potential and implications for destination management of online travel reviews’ argumentative analysis: The case of domestic and international tourism market in Jiuzhaigou National Park China. In: L. Cantoni and S. De Ascaniis. Handbook on Heritage, Sustainable Tourism and Digital Media. Edward Elgar. [ media-9781788970075.html]

Camba, A., Cruz, J., Magat, J., and Tritto, A. (2021). Explaining the Belt and Road in the Philippines: Elite Consolidation, the Kaliwa Dam, and Online Gambling Investments. In: Liow, J. C. Hong, L., and Xue, G., Research Handbook on the Belt and Road Initiative. Edward Elgar Publishing. [https://www.e-]

Lechner, A. M., Tan, C. M., Tritto, A., Horstmann, A., Teo, H. C., Owen, J., Campos-Arceiz, A. (2019). Environmental impacts of BRI in Southeast Asia, Trends in Southeast Asia, 2019 No.18, ISEAS Publishing. []


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