Zawawi Ibrahim at The Institute of Asian Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (IAS @ UBD)


PhD (Monash)


Room: FASS 2.8


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Zawawi Ibrahim received his PhD in social anthropology from Monash University, Melbourne. His current position is a joint appointment as a professor at the Institute of Asian Studies (IAS) and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UBD. He researches and writes on new Malaysian cinema and contemporary popular music, indigenous communities and their storytelling, peasantry and rural labour, the new media, and multiculturalism in Malaysia. His current research is on popular culture in Brunei, Islamic cinema in Indonesia and religious diversity governance in Malaysia. His books include The Malay Labourer: By the Window of Capitalism (1998); Cultural Contestations: Mediating Identities in a Changing Malaysian Society (1998); Representation, Identity and Multiculturalism in Sarawak (2008), Blogging and Democratization in Malaysia (with Jun-E Tan) (2008); Social Science and Knowledge in a Globalizing World (2012); Penan Society and Imagined Development (with NoorShah M.S.) (2012). He has contributed articles to international journals, including Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Critical Asian Studies, Modern Asian Studies, Journal of Contemporary Asia, Asian Studies Review, Asian Journal of Social Sciences, Southeast Asian Studies (Kyoto), Seoumen Antropologi, Spectator, Situations and Positions.

CV of Dr. Zawawi Ibrahim

Research Interests

     • Malaysian Nasyid music in the new era
     • Islamic Discourse in contemporary Indonesian and Malaysian New Cinema
     • Youth and Music in Brunei

Select Publications

     • King, V., Zawawi Ibrahim & Noor Hasharina Hassan (Eds.) (2017) Borneo Studies in History, Society and Culture. Singapore: Springer. [Access]

Journal Special Issues
     • Zawawi Ibrahim (Ed.) (2017) “Engaging Discourses in the Asian Context” [Special Issue]. Situations: Cultural Studies in the Asian Context, 10(2), 1-90. [Access]

Journal Articles
     • Zawawi Ibrahim (2016) “Disciplining Rock Music and Identity Contestations: Hybridisation, Islam and Musical Genres in Contemporary Malaysian Popular Music”. Situations: Cultural Studies in the Asian Context, 8(1).
     • Zawawi Ibrahim (2015) “From a World System to a Social Science Knowledge ‘Scape’ Perspective: Anthropological Fieldworking and Transnationalizing Theory-making in the Periphery”. Journal of Glocal Studies, 2: 45-68. [Access]

Book Chapters
     • Zawawi Ibrahim (with Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid) (2017) “Governance of Religious Diversity in Malaysia: Islam in a Secular State or Secularism in an Islamic State”. In A. Triandafyllidou & T. Moddod (Eds.) The Problem of Religious Diversity :European Challenges, Asian perspectives. University of Edinburgh Press. [Access]
     • Zawawi Ibrahim (2017) “Towards a Critical Alternative Scholarship on the Discourse of Representation, Identity and Multiculturalism in Sarawak”. In V. King, Zawawi Ibrahim & Nur Hasharina Hassan (Eds.) Borneo Studies in History, Society and Culture. Singapore: Springer. [Access]


Professor Zawawi Ibrahim was appointed Editorial Board Member of SUVANNBHUMI Multi-discipliniary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, Insitute of Southeast Asian Studies, Busan Uniuversity of ForeignStudies, South Korea. More details here.