Knudsen’s Ethnography of the Temburong River

Institute of Asian Studies (IAS) Research Associate Dr. Magne Knudsen presented a talk on 27 September 2018, together with research assistant Ms. Misa Juliana Anak Minggu, on “The Life of the Temburong River: An Ethnographic Perspective” as part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Seminar Series.

An Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Dr. Knudsen has been working with Ms. Misa Juliana, an undergraduate student in the same Department, to document the cultural and ecological environments of the Temburong River.

In this talk, Dr. Knudsen and Ms. Misa Juliana presented their current findings from this ongoing research project.

Moving beyond earlier studies that have emphasized the importance of rivers in Borneo for mobility and exchange, Dr. Knudsen and Ms. Misa Juliana are examining the livelihoods and cultural practices that take place in the ecological framework of various stretches of the Temburong River. They believe that their research on fishing and other activities will enrich our understanding of the importance of rivers in the lives the people who inhabit them in Borneo.

Please find below the flyer for, as well as some pictures from, the talk. More information about Dr. Knudsen can be found in his bio on the IAS website.

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