2018 IAS Wednesday Seminars

05 December 2018

Place Attachment and Belonging among Educated Young Migrants and Returnees: The Case of Chaohu, China

Huimin Du

Hong Kong Baptist University

1 December 2018

China and the Chinese Living Overseas

John Lowe

Chinese University of Hong Kong

31 October 2018

Rui Oliveira Lopes

FASS, University Brunei Darussalam

24 October 2018

steven c. druce

Academy of Brunei Studies, UBD

17 October 2018

Pg Dr Siti Rozaidah Pg Hj Idris

UBD School of Business and Economics

10 October 2018
Jörn Dosch

University of Rostock

03 October 2018

Liam c. Kelley

Institute of Asian Studies, UBD

26 September 2018

Eliseo F. Huesca Jr.

Institute of Asian Studies, UBD