Shirley Chin Wei Lee BA (Hons), MPhil, PHD

Research Associate


Room: FASS 1.56

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Shirley Chin is the Programme Leader of Geographical, Environment and Development Studies programme at Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UBD. In 2014, she completed her PhD in tourism management specifically in developing countries. Her research interest are mainly (but not limited) in the field of human geography. Her current research project looks at how a destination could manage its competitiveness to ensure continous economic benefits from tourism as this has become a prominent issue for the global tourism industry. In addition, the project also examine the socio-economic prospesrity of a destination as this signifies changes in wealth, education, the environment, and most importantly the welfare of citizens as the destination develops.

CV of Dr Shirley Chin

Research Interests

  • Tourism Impacts/Studies
  • Tourism Community Development
  • Socio-economic sustainability
  • Quality of Life- Welfare of citizens
  • Tourism in Less developing countries
  • Small scale tourism


Academic Journals

  • Chin, W.L, Haddock-Fraser, J., & Hampton, P.M. (2015), Destination Competitiveness: Evidence from Bali, Current Issues in Tourism, 8(1).
  • Chin, W.L and Hampton, P.M. (2017), The relationship between Destination Competitiveness and Residents’ Quality of life, Journal of Sustainable Tourism (Submitted)


Dr Shirley Chin was invited to speak at the 10th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Forum on 28th July 2017. Her presentation was on ‘Tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in the New Industrial Format’ held in Guiyang, China. She was also invited to discuss her ideas and insights in the panel discussion held at the same event.