Frank DHONT MA (Lund), MA (UGM), PhD (Yale)

Senior Lecturer


Room: FASS 2.33

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Frank Dhont is a Senior Lecturer in History at the IAS. As an Indonesianist and a historian, he is regularly involved in multidisciplinary initiatives and is founder and chair of the International Indonesia Forum. His major research interests include the reactions of both indigenous rulers and ordinary people to Japanese colonialism in the Netherlands Indies during World War II. He is also interested in the history of both World Wars in Asia and the spread of nationalism, especially in the context of colonial empires in Asia. He is currently working on the manuscript Outlasting Colonialism: Socio-political Change in the Javanese Principalities under the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia during World War II.

CV of Dr. Frank Dhont

Research Interests

  • Borneo in the 20th century
  • Japanese occupation of Brunei
  • Japanese occupation of Indonesia and the Malay world
  • Traditional Southeast Asian sultanates / rulers in the era of modern nation-states

Publications (Selection)

  • Dhont, F. (2016)  “A Holistic View of the Japanese Occupation of Southeast Asia,” Suvannabhumi Multidisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 8:1 77-94.
  • Dhont, F. (2016) “Aspiring Modernity: Japan’s role in World War I” in Jarosław Suchoples / Stephanie James (Eds.), Re-visiting World War I. Interpretations and Perspectives of the Great Conflict( Berlin - Bern - Bruxelles - Frankfurt am Main - New York - Oxford - Warszawa – Wien: Peter Lang Verlag), 63-84 (In Press).


During the month of June 2016 Dr. Frank Dhont was a visiting Fellow in TU Dormund University, Germany. Dr. Dhont worked closely with the team of Prof. Dr. Christoph Schuck, the Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Political Science and Vice Dean for Research and Finance in the Faculty of Human Sciences and Theology. Dr. Dhont also presented a Guest Lecture in TU Dortmund University.

For one week, from April 24, 2016 to April 30, 2016 a select group of Academics from all over the world gathered in Seoul on an invitation by the Korea Foundation to become familiar with Korea and establish links with Korean institutions and fellow academic experts. As the only representative from Southeast Asia this year, Dr. Frank Dhont was selected as one of the Distinguished Guests in Academia this year.