Daniele CICUZZA MSc (La Sapienza), PhD (Switzerland)

Research Associates

Email: daniele.cicuzza@ubd.edu.bn

Room: FOS

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Daniele Cicuzza is Assistant Professor of lower plant biology and taxonomy at the Faculty of Science UBD. He was previously Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre of Integrative Conservation at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Science (XTBG-CAS) Yunnan, China. His research focus on non-flowering plant species (ferns and ferns allies) particularly their (1) taxonomy and ecology; (2) plant conservation in a human modified landscape.

CV of Daniele Cicuzza

Research interests

  • Pteridophyte taxonomy and ecology
  • Revision of Osmundaceae Family for Flora Malesiana Project
  • Pteridophyte diversity and distribution in the island of Borneo and particular emphasis on Brunei Darussalam.
  • Conservation of ferns species in a human modified landscape in Brunei Darussalam
  • Pteridophyte of Brunei Darussalam

Publications (Selection)

  • Cicuzza D. & Corlet R. Pteridophytes and lycophytes conservation in the fragmented forest of Xishuangbanna, China (Submitted)
  • Cicuzza D, Stäheli DS, Nyffeler R, and Eggli U. Morphology and anatomy support a reclassification of the African succulent taxa of Senecio s.l. (Asteraceae: Senecioideae: Senecioneae) (In press) - Thonhofer J., Getto D., van Straaten O., Cicuzza D., Kessler M. (2015) Influence of spatial and environmental variables on rattan palm (Arecaceae) assemblage composition in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Plant Ecology 216: 55-66.
  • Cicuzza, D. De Nicola, C. Testi, A. Pignatti, S. Zanella A. (2015) Which are the contribution of the carbon sequestration of the forest ecosystems in the Castel Porziano Reserve? Evidences from an integrated study on humus and vegetation. Rendiconti Fis. Acc. Lincei 26 (3) 403-411. - Cicuzza, D. (2014) A rediscovery of Alfred Russel Wallace’s fern collection from Borneo ot the Cambridge University Herbarium. Notes Rec. 68: 403-412.
  • Jones MM, Cicuzza D, van Straaten O, Veldkamp E, and Kessler M. (2014) Determinants of fern and angiosperm herb community structure in lower montane rainforest in Indonesia. Journal of Vegetation Science 25: 1216–1224
  • Cicuzza, D., Thorsten, K., Poulsen, A.D., Delhotal, T., Abrahamczyk, S., Piedra, H.M. & Kessler, M. (2013) A transcontinental comparison of the diversity and composition of tropical forest understorey herbs. Biodiversity and Conservation, Vol.22,(3): 755-772.
  • Cicuzza, D. & Kessler, M. (2012). Lindsaea lindouensis (Lindsaeaceae) a new species of Lindsaeaceae from Sulawesi. Phytotaxa, 65: 36-40.
  • Willinghöfer, S., Cicuzza, D. & Kessler, M. (2012). Elevational diversity of terrestrial rainforest herbs: When the whole is less than the sum of its parts. Plant Ecology 213: 407–418.
  • Cicuzza, D., Kessler, M., Tjitrosoedirdjo, S.S. & Pitopan R. (2012). Herbs community composition and temporal change in the cacao plantation under different management in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Agroforestry System 85, 1: 75-83.
  • Cicuzza, D., Kessler, M., Clough, Y., Tjitrosoedirdjo, SS., Pitopang, R. & Gradstein, S.R. (2011). Conservation value of cacao agroforests for terrestrial herbaceous plants in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Biotropica 43, 6: 755–762.
  • Clough, Y., Barkmann, J., Juhrbandt, J., Kessler, M., Wanger, T.C., Anshary, A., Buchori, D., Cicuzza, D. et al. (2011). Combining high biodiversity with high yields in tropical Agroforests. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 108: 8311-8316.
  • Laurance, W.F., [...] Cicuzza, D., et al. (2011). Global warming, elevational ranges and the vulnerability of tropical biota. Biological Conservation 144: 548-557.
  • Kessler, M., Hofmann, S., Krömer, T., Cicuzza, D. & Kluge, J. (2011). The impact of sterile populations on the perception of elevational richness patterns in ferns. Ecography 34: 123-131.
  • Kessler, M., Jonas, R., Cicuzza, D., Kluge, J., Piątek, K., Naks, P. & Lehnert, M. (2009). A survey of the mycorrhization of Southeast Asian ferns. Plant Biology 12: 788-793.

Peer reviewed Book Chapters

  • Cicuzza, D., Kessler, M., Pitopang, R., Tjitrosoedirdjo, S.S. & Gradstein, S.R. (2010). Terrestrial herbs of tropical submontane and tropical montane forests in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. In: Teja Tscharntke et al. (Eds) Tropical rainforests and agroforest under global change pp. 378-390. Springer Berlin, Germany.


  • Tjitrosoerdirdjo, S.S., Tjitrosoerdirdjo, S., Mochtar, M., Cicuzza, D. (2011). Pengelolaan Gulma dalam Sistem Agroforestri Kakao di Sulawesi Tengah. IPB Press, Bogor, Indonesia.
  • Cicuzza, D., Newton, A.C. & Oldfield, S. (2007). Red List of Magnoliaceae. Fauna and Flora International, Cambridge, UK