Since 2012, the IAS has organised several key conferences and workshops for scholars in the region, including:

      •  IAS-Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) conference on “Changing Research Styles, Methodologies and Perspectives on Southeast Asia”(30-31 July 2018)

       • IAS-UBD Workshop on Muslim Economy and Consumption at University of Brunei Darussalam (20 January 2017)

     • Joint collaborative workshop with the Center for China’s Relations with Neighboring Countries (CCRNC) at Fudan University: “The Network of ASEAN-China Academic Institutes (NACAI)” (June 2016)

     • Joint Research Workshop with Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: “Reframing Migration Discourse in Asia and the Middle East: Issues of Inclusion and Exclusion” (September 2015)

     • Joint Seminar with the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS, Kyoto University) and the Southern Institute of Social Sciences (SISS, Vietnam): “Tenets of Human Development in Southeast Asia” (March 2015)

     • The Borneo Studies Network Graduate Students Workshop (October 2014)

     • “The Road Less Travelled: Mobility in Southeast Asian Societies” Workshop (April 2014)

     • The “Reframing the South China Sea: Towards a Mediterranean Understanding of Culture and Resources” Workshop (Nov 2013)

     • The Borneo Studies Inaugural Meeting and Graduate Studies Workshop (Oct 2013)

     • The Borneo Studies Workshop: “State of the Art and Future Directions” (Dec 2012)

     • The 10th ASEAN Inter-University Seminar: “Human Insecurities in Southeast Asia” (Dec 2012)

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