Book Series



In late 2015/throught 2016, the Institute of Asian Studies (UBD-IAS) is expected to publish the first books in its "Asia in Transition" series with academic publisher Springer. The series will address the interplay of local, national, regional and global influences in Southeast, South and East Asia, through a variey of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.


'Asia in Transition' Editorial Committee:

Editor-in-chief: Jeremy Jammes

Series Editors:

Noor Hasharina Haji Hassan 

Zawawi Ibrahim

Victor King


In 2016 and 2017, the following titles are published:

1. Human Insecurities in Southeast Asia (edited by Paul J. Carnegie, Victor T King, and Zawawi Ibrahim) 

This book is a collection of work by scholars currently pursuing research on human security and insecurities in Southeast Asia. Flyer of the book is available in here

2. Borneo Studies in History, Society and Culture (edited by Victor T King, Zawawi Ibrahim and Noor Hasharina Hassan)

Chapters in this locate research on Borneo within the general disciplinary fields of the social sciences, with attention devoted to anthropological research and related fields such as development studies, gender studies, environmental studies, social policy studies and cultural studies. Further information is available here

In the year of 2015, we had three titles already out in the market. They are as follows:

1. Multiculturalism, Migration and the Politics of Identity in Singapore (edited by Kwen Fen Lian)

This book emphasises the concept of multiculturalism in the fields of Asian sociology and Southeast Asian studies. Flyer of the book is available here.

2. International Migration in Southeast Asia: Continuities and Discontinuities (edited by Kwen Fen Lian, Md Mizanur Rahman, Yabit Alas)

This book approaches the field of international migration from an intra- and inter-regional migration perspective. Flyer of the book is available here.

3.  Contemporary Conflicts in Southeast Asia: Towards a New ASEAN Way of Conflict Management (edited by Mikio Oishi)

This book looks at major contemporary conflicts  intra and interstate in Southeast Asia from a conflict and management perspective. Flyer of the book is available here.


In addition, the 'Asia in Transition' Book series of IAS currently has three titles in preparation:

  1.  The Politics of Environment and Resource use in contemporary Southeast Asia (edited by Mario Lopez and Jafar Suryomenggolo)

  2.  Women in Postcolonial Southeast Asian Literature: Gender, Identity and Nation (edited by Grace V.S Chin and Kathrina Haji Mohd Daud)

  3.  Reframing the South China Sea (edited by Jeremy Jammes and Chee-Kiong Tong)

Several of the books in the series are the product of international workshops conducted by UBD-IAS. The Editors also welcome quality book proposals from outside UBD-IAS but working on diverse aspects of Asian Studies especially those with a focus on cross-boundary studies.

For more information on our book series and peer-review process, please contact the series convenor and Director of IAS: Associate Professor Dr Jeremy Jammes (